Product strengths

We have tied up with more than 100 manufacturers both in Japan and overseas, we select the best manufacturer among them and we are developing products that meet the needs of the world. In addition, we have more than 500 types of in-house developed products, and we have product development capabilities that can not be managed by other companies.

By possessing our own designer (25 people) , we can offer constant monthly new product launches and various OEM etc suggestions. In addition, it is possible to make prompt proposals including creation of mocks, etc., by having a substantial sample preparation equipment and hiring a molding master in the company.

Strength in terms of quality

We have secured production backdrop (domestic and overseas affiliated factories) that can respond to auditing standards of major Licensor in Japan and overseas.

Cosmetics manufacturing and sales business based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act etc. (also known as the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law · Old Pharmaceutical Affairs Law) · Acquired manufacturing license and secured quality control system by special department. In addition, special departments are also dealing with compliance (compliance with laws and regulations) and intellectual property rights.

We have secured after-sales follow-up system (corresponding to questions, complaints, etc.) with thorough customer-oriented principle utilizing the above.

Retail strengths

Based on sales data at shops and regional information, we have secured a system that can be utilized for product development in wholesale business.

With three different brands, we can propose to a wide range of users.

Besides the usual form of opening a store, there are forms such as opening of stores, flexible shopping stores are possible.

Strengths of sales

Based on various relationships with business partners in various genres, it is possible to propose a variety of products and selling shops based on various information obtained from them.

From product development such as planning, design, to logistics functions, all in one company by all means, flexible correspondence to other companies is possible.

Because designers and salespeople are enrolled in the same office, sales activities that make the most of the appeal of the products are possible.

With Tokyo headquarters and Osaka sales office there are two bases, it is possible to respond to suppliers in all regions in a detailed manner.