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    • とっておきのお気に入りアクセサリーや雑貨達を詰め込んだワクワクする屋根裏部屋
      Awesome favorite accessories and exciting stuff packed with miscellaneous goods

      私達は、お客様へワクワクする普段使いのアクセサリーや、自分だけのとっておきの雑貨を提案します。 当店で見つけて下さったアクセサリーや雑貨で、お客様の様々な生活シーンが潤いあるものになる事を一番に願います。
      「もっと自分らしく生きたい」「もっと可愛いと言われ自信を付けたい」「自分のこだわりを表現し自己表現したい」 誰の心の中にでもあるこれらの気持ちの実現を、お手伝いしたいと思います。
      We propose exciting usual accessories and exciting miscellaneous goods for our customers. I hope the various accessories and miscellaneous goods found at our shop are the one that will make your customers' various life scenes moist.
      "I want to live more like himself" "I want to be more cute and confident" "I express my own preferences and express myself" I would like to help realize these feelings that are also in the heart of everyone.
      I would like to have a happy and bright feeling by wearing accessories, I want to send every day more self-confidently, I would like people who are around you to be happy .
      Of course, as well as trends, we will propose products, services, and spaces that always satisfy our customers by pursuing "new things" and "playful things" at the same time, not only about existing fashion.
      In addition, the body pierced boasts the number of items in Japan is handling a large number of original design products, many customers are enjoying it as a fashion earring with a different design from the existing body piercing.

  • Crystal Planet

    • crystal planet
    • crystal planet
    • crystal planet
    • パワーストーンのブレスレットを460円から購入できる天然石アクセサリーのお店
      A natural stone accessory shop where you can buy a power stone bracelet from 460 yen

      古代から様々な力を秘めていると信じられてきた美しい天然石を、現代を生きる全ての方に、お守りのように身に着けて毎日をハッピーに過ごして欲しい!クリスタルプラネットは、そんな思いが詰まったお店です。 I would like to have a beautiful natural stone that has been believed to have various powers since ancient times, wear it like an amulet to everyone living in the present day, happy every day! Crystal Planet is a store filled with such thought.