取締役社長 吉住 健治

だからこそ仲間達と沢山話し合い、楽しみながら真摯に商品に向き合って物作りをし、お客様に喜び、驚いていただける商品を一つでも多く店頭へお届けできるよう努力を続けていきます。 In the quarter century, based on the management philosophy of a company that constantly develops surprising products and provides HAPPY to the world, the products to be handled have changed dramatically after various transitions.
In recent years, as symbolized by the word "instinct", SNS does not sell only by the fragrance and comfort of the product itself, but SNS has become a major influence on the sales of products, and how to make things and show products It is diversified.
Amid such drastic changes, it is not possible to make things that meet the quality standards in line with the management philosophy with a sizable effort.
That is why I will talk a lot with my colleagues and continue to make efforts to deliver to the shop a lot of products that are pleasing to customers, surprisingly, delivering things seriously facing the products while having fun.